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URGENT NOTIFICATION re: Cyberattack Attempt

Mar 3, 2017

Do not install a DVD on Active Shooter Training from "SCAHRM"

Attention SCAHRM Members & Affiliates:

It has come to our attention that a cyberattack masquerading as a SCAHRM mailing containing a DVD about an active shooter training program is in circulation. Please know THIS IS NOT a SCAHRM program - but as the image shows, the mailing does bear what appears to be our official logo along with that of the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

If you receive one of these packages, DO NOT INSTALL THE DVD.

As a security precaution – SCAHRM will ALWAYS notify all members when we are actually “partnering” with any organization to bring you meaningful and relevant information. If you receive content that falls outside that communication process you should exercise caution if you elect to open that media. The DVD in the photo below contained a viral payload of unknown purpose – but likely contains extortionware or PHI collecting capabilities. Fortunately, network protective applications caught the virus before it could install and wreak havoc.

If new information arises that show us the need to provide updates we will provide them. At the moment – it is logical to presume that healthcare providers are the target, and we recommend that you alert those providers in your networks that this mail-based attack appears to be in progress.

This case demonstrates our ongoing need to be vigilant in protecting our networks and having robust viral detection capabilities.

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