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Everything Old is New Again

Randie Minovitz, BSN, RN
Director, Ambulatory Risk Management and Enterprise Risk Management - PIH Health

Carole A. Lambert, MPA, RN
Vice President, Practice Optimization, Residents Program Director - Cooperative of American Physicians, Inc.

As the year winds down, we have been organizing files and reflecting on the colleagues we have met, the programs we have attended, and the presentations we have given. The theme that runs throughout the year – and will probably continue into 2018 – is that everything old is new again. As we work together to support physicians and staff, patients and families, and the wider community beyond our organizations, we inevitably talk about accepting and mitigating risk. Earlier this year, we developed a presentation on “Risk Management Forever – Because Everything Old Is New Again.” Here is a summary of what we spoke about.

The healthcare delivery landscape continues to evolve with uncertainty the only constant. Every aspect of a physician’s practice – patients and their families, staff, suppliers, hospitals – is buffeted by competing and sometimes contradictory demands. The hurdles we face include:
•          Working within and clarifying new and unfamiliar structures
•          Interpreting a new taxonomy/lexicon/data/analytics
•          Anticipating and responding to new and unexpected challenges
•          Educating, modeling, mentoring, and translating for a new generation of colleagues

As we meet with and hear from physicians and their staff, they are very clear about their purpose. They believe we need to keep our shared goals and objectives in sharp focus. When all is said and done, what we really want is:
•          Patient safety
•          Physician safety
•          Staff safety
•          Organizational safety

In pursuit of these goals and objectives, our work calls on us to mobilize our very real strengths:
•          Flexibility                         
•          Organizational savvy and influence
•          Communication, communication, communication
•          Persistence and ability to overcome resistance

We build on a solid foundation of time-tested elements that are much more than a checklist at which we roll our eyes and smile.
•          Communication
•          Documentation
•          Follow up and follow through
•          Medication reconciliation
•          Informed consent      
•          Transitions of care


These elements constitute a strategy for providing patient and family centered coordinated care that makes the most effective use of the resources we have to offer. They are timeless classics, and they will never go out of style.



Previously published in CAPsules, the monthly member newsletter of the Cooperative of American Physicians


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About the Authors

Randie Minovitz has been a Registered Nurse for over 40 years.  She has experience in the hospital and ambulatory settings.  She spent 10 years working for a California Medical Malpractice company as a Risk Manager, and then segued to managing the Peer Review program.  Ms. Minovitz was the Director of Ambulatory Risk Management for 5 years at a well-known Academic Medical Center.  She currently is the Director of Ambulatory Risk Management for a large health organization in Orange County.  Ms. Minovitz’ work in Risk Management focuses on working with healthcare practitioners on the challenges to provide safe care to their patients and practicing safe medicine.


Carole has been working in the areas of patient safety, risk management and loss prevention, quality and compliance, and organizational development throughout her career. At the Cooperative of American Physicians, Inc. (CAP), Carole uses her experience and expertise to identify opportunities for supporting the physician members of CAP. She also directs CAP’s Residents Program, a four-tier program of risk management and professional education that is presented at medical centers throughout California, and which began its ninth year in August 2017.